Ten Easy Ways to Increase IPhone Battery Life


The use of smartphones has become an integral part of our lives, but consumers often complain about the rapid depletion of the battery. iPhone users can use their phone’s battery for a long time if they take the following simple steps.

1- Closing applications does not save battery

Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. The reality is quite the opposite because when you close the application, it also closes with RAM. Now when you reopen to use this application, the phone will have to reload it in memory. Repeatedly loading and unloading the application into memory causes more battery drain.

2- Turn on low power mode.

The low power mode provided in the iPhone significantly reduces the phone’s battery usage requirements, and this helps save battery life. Apple claims that low power mode can extend battery life by at least three hours.

3- Keep the Operating System Updated

Yes, keeping the operating system up to date can increase battery life, and battery issues can be avoided. Apple has been updating the operating system from time to time to deal with various bugs and issues facing the iPhone and iPad.

4-Keep the Brightness Dim

A large part of the battery is used to keep the screen of the smartphone bright. In an experiment conducted under Mac World, the battery lasted for 6 hours and 21 minutes while watching a video with full brightness on iPhone 5. When the brightness was halved, the battery life was about 9 hours and 48 minutes. The Auto-Brightness feature is also present in smartphones, with the help of which the phone itself can adjust the brightness according to the light present in its environment.

5- Do Not Use Animations

The 3D visual effects look pretty good, but they’re constantly using the iPhone’s graphics processor. Due to which the battery runs out fast. Use static wallpaper instead of dynamic wallpaper to save battery, and turn off the perspective zoom option after someone has set a new wallpaper. The use of live wallpaper also causes the battery to suck.

6- Turn Off Location Services

Many applications in the iPhone use the location service, which causes battery problems. As well as sharing your location with these applications is not much safer. To prevent applications from using location services, go to your iPhone’s settings, and select the Privacy option.

7- Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

When Wi-Fi Bluetooth is not required, disable it. Keep Wi-Fi enabled and disabled to prevent battery loss, especially when traveling outside the home. This is because the device constantly scans the surrounding Wi-Fi connections and Bluetooth devices and tries to connect to them automatically, which has a direct effect on the battery.

8- Keep the volume low and use headphones

Always keep the volume of the phone low while listening to music, and use headphones as much as possible. So the phone speaker does not use the battery.

9- Do not put the phone on vibration

Normally do not place the phone on vibration. Turn on the vibration only when the phone is not ringing properly. Otherwise, the use of simultaneous ringtones and vibrations is not only unnecessary but also a cause of battery loss. Also, keep the vibration disabled on the phone’s touch or typing.

10- Turn off notifications.

Constant notifications on the phone not only cause annoyance but also lick the battery. To turn off notifications for unnecessary applications, go to the Notifications option in the iPhone settings, and select all the applications for which you do not want to receive notifications. This will not only save you trouble but also save time and battery.


Be sure to check this before trying out ways to extend battery life. Is your phone’s battery OK? To do this, select the battery option from your iPhone’s settings. Then select Battery Health. Here you can see how far your iPhone’s battery capacity is based on the new battery. If battery performance is low, a new battery can be obtained through Apple’s battery replacement program.

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