Download latest Oppo USB Driver

On this page, you will be able to download the latest Oppo USB Driver. Oppo the worldwide Android smartphone company that introducing day by day new technologies.

If you are Oppo user then it’s all about for you, here you can download official Oppo USB Driver.

If you want to connect the device with your pc/laptop then USB driver for your device is most important. you should have to download the latest updated USB Driver pack for your device, and here we proved you all USB Drivers for Oppo Devices.

Oppo USB Driver List

Device Name                                                              Download Link

Oppo A1 USB DriverDownload
Oppo A7X USB DriverDownload
Oppo A9 Plus USB DriverDownload
Oppo A3 USB DriverDownload
Oppo A3s USB DriverDownload
Oppo A31 USB DriverDownload
Oppo A33 USB DriverDownload
Oppo A37Download
Oppo A39 Plus Download
Oppo A5 Download
Oppo A53 Download
Oppo A57Download
Oppo A59Download
Oppo A7Download
Oppo A71 PlusDownload
Oppo A71 2018 Download
Oppo A73 Download
Oppo A73sDownload
Oppo A77Download
Oppo A77 MTK DriverDownload
Oppo A83Download
Oppo A83 Pro Download
Oppo A85Download
Oppo AX5Download
Oppo F1Download
Oppo F1 PlusDownload
Oppo F1sDownload
Oppo F15Download
Oppo F1s 64GB Download
Oppo F1s DiwaliDownload
Oppo F3Download
Oppo F3 PlusDownload
Oppo F5 Download
Oppo F5 Youth Download
Oppo F7 Download
Oppo F7 YouthDownload
Oppo F9Download
Oppo F9 ProDownload
Oppo F11 Download
Oppo F11 ProDownload
Oppo Find Download
Oppo Find 5Download
Oppo Find 5 MiniDownload
Oppo Find 7Download
Oppo Find 7ADownload
Oppo Find XDownload
Oppo Find X Lamborghini Download
Oppo JoyDownload
Oppo Joy PlusDownload
Oppo A7XDownload
Oppo Joy 3Download
Oppo K1Download
Oppo Mirror 3Download
Oppo Mirror 5Download

Oppo Mirror 5sDownload
Oppo N1Download
Oppo N1Download
Oppo N3 Download
Oppo Neo Download
Oppo Neo 3Download
Oppo Neo 5Download
Oppo Neo 5sDownload
Oppo Neo 7Download
Oppo R1Download
Oppo R1 XDownload
Oppo R1 R829TDownload
Oppo R1SDownload
Oppo R1001 JoyDownload
Oppo R1001 YoyoDownload
Oppo R1010Download
Oppo R15Download
Oppo R15XDownload
Oppo R15 NeoDownload
Oppo R15 ProDownload
Oppo R15 Dream Mirror Download
Oppo R17 Download
Oppo R17 ProDownload
Oppo R3Download
Oppo R5Download
Oppo R5sDownload
Oppo R7 Download
Oppo R7 liteDownload
Oppo R7SDownload
Oppo R7 PlusDownload
Oppo R821T Find MuseDownload
Oppo R601Download
Oppo R811 Real Download
Oppo R815T Clover Download
Oppo R817 Real Download
Oppo R819Download
Oppo R9Download
Oppo R9 PlusDownload
Oppo R9sDownload
Oppo R9s PlusDownload
Oppo R11Download
Oppo R11 PlusDownload
Oppo R11sDownload
Oppo R11s PlusDownload
Oppo RX17 ProDownload
Oppo Rx17 NeoDownload
Oppo Realme 1Download
Oppo Realme 2Download

Oppo T29Download
Oppo U3Download
Oppo U701 UnlikeDownload
Oppo U705T Ulike 2Download
Oppo F11 Download
Oppo A5sDownload
Oppo A7nDownload
Oppo A1KDownload
Oppo RenoDownload
Oppo Reno 10X ZoomDownload
Oppo Reno 5G Download
Oppo Reno 3Download
Oppo Reno 3 ProDownload
Oppo Reno 3 Vitality EditionDownload
Oppo Reno 3 Youth Download
Oppo Reno3 Pro 5GDownload
Oppo A8Download
Oppo A9Download
Oppo A91Download
Oppo A9XDownload
Oppo K3 Download
Oppo Reno ZDownload
Oppo Reno 2 ZDownload
Oppo Reno 2 FDownload
Oppo Reno 2Download
Oppo A9 2020Download
Oppo A5 2020Download
Oppo Reno ADownload
Oppo Reno AceDownload
Oppo K5Download
Oppo Find X2 LiteDownload
Oppo A92Download
Oppo A92sDownload
Oppo A72Download

How to Install Oppo USB Driver

Procedure 1: 

  • Download the required Oppo USB Drivers for your device.
  • Extract the downloaded Zip file with 7Zip or WinRAR.
  • Double-tap on .exe and click Next step by step for the installation process.
  • Click Finish and enjoy it!

Procedure 2: 

  • Download the required Oppo driver
  • Unzip the downloaded file with WinRAR or 7Zip.
  • Make sure Device connected with PC/laptop
  • Go To My Computer >> Right Click >>Manage >> Portable device.
  • Select to update the driver manually.
  • Browse the downloaded driver folder and select it.
  • Press Next and allow the driver installation.
  • Finish the process and enjoy it!

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Oppo Firmware

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